Super Bowl XLVIII is today – so where’s Joan Jett’s prediction?

SHNS Super Bowl Poll

I will miss this.


When the Pittsburgh Steelers are not in the Super Bowl, I usually don’t care about the game. But the last few years, one Super Bowl tradition has sparked my interest, and I looked forward to it every year: The Scripps Howard Annual Celebrity Super Bowl Poll.

The poll began in 1986, and Joan Jett has participated since 2001. With eight consecutive correct predictions, Joan had the current longest-running winning streak. Another win this year would have caused Joan to beat Haley Joel Osment for most consecutive wins. The Jettheads were all looking forward to this.

As this week wore on, though, no announcements of this poll made the news, so I started digging. I found out that the Scripps Howard News Service, which existed for 96 years, closed down last month. No more Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. No more Super Sage Award.

A few sites, like Newsday,,, NY Post, and USA Today, have queried various celebs at recent events to get their take on the Denver Broncos/Seattle Seahawks showdown, but none of them asked Joan. NOT. ONE.

As I sit here, about to watch an NFL game I care nothing about, I will try to take comfort in knowing that Joan’s winning streak will remain unbroken forever. I hope someone brings a poll like this back soon, and remembers to include Joan.

Check out my page summarizing all of Joan’s picks and other statistics:


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVIII is today – so where’s Joan Jett’s prediction?

  1. Oh, poo. I want to hope she would have picked correctly. She knows her stuff! (I, on the other hand, do not. LOL I just know I love my hometown boys.)

  2. I was eagerly awaiting a prediction too. I guess Joan could have tweeted it or put in on fb or something. Maybe she did? I haven’t looked.

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