RECAP: Joan Jett at the AMAs

Whew! Yesterday was a whirlwind. Joan presented the Alternative Artist award with Dave Grohl–called it!–and shortly thereafter, Joan Jett was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter!


Worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Whoo!!

I did my best to grab all of the videos and pics and tweets that I could find, but I have a hunch there are more coming. For example, Access Hollywood hasn’t posted their interview with Joan yet, but I know they did one.

This post is just videos and tweets/pics. I’ll post more stuff tomorrow.

Here we go!


First, here’s Joan and Dave presenting the award – it misses the first few seconds. I’ll let you know if anyone else posts one.

CNN — Thanksgiving Parade Float:



Awards Show Network:

Access Hollywood fashion recap — brief shot of Joan, no interview:

AP-Entertainment – Joan at 1:43:

Dave Grohl interview – talks about Joan, plus footage of Joan arriving on the red carpet:

Glamour Magazine


These are all I could find on Twitter. See more pics at Getty Images.

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