Joan Jett appears on PETA’s 2013 “Vegetarian Celebrity” stamps

Available now:




Paul McCartney, Joan Jett and Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle are among the celebrity vegetarians featured on a new limited-edition series of U.S. postage stamps issued by the animal-rights organization PETA. The sheet of 46-cent stamps features 20 different celebrities who have given up eating meat, including well-known musicians, actors, fashion designers and athletes.

The collectible set costs $19.99, and is available for purchase now at

Also, according to PETA, Joan unveiled a poster-size version of her stamp in New York City on Thursday, November 21, but I haven’t found any pics or video of this yet. Let me know if you see anything!

New York – PETA is going postal—literally. Twenty famous vegetarians appear on a limited-edition sheet of U.S. Postal Service–approved photo stamps out just in time for holiday cards. Joan Jett and Alan Cumming will unveil poster-size enlargements of their stamps at a midtown PETA party on Thursday:

Date:           Thursday, November 21
Time:           7 p.m.
Location:   Sheffield Sky Club, 322 W. 57th St., 57th Fl., New York City

Read more:

Joan was also featured on PETA’s 2011 stamp sheet (back when a stamp was 44 cents.)

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