Pics of Joan Jett at the FP Gala

From the Wall Street Journal

From the Wall Street Journal

Joan presented the awards at the annual Feminist Press Gala on Monday, November 11. I haven’t been able to find any videos, unfortunately, but here’s a recap from the Wall Street Journal:

The rock guitarist and singer Joan Jett presented the Inspiration, Empowerment, Insight and Leadership awards to Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna; writer and activist Michaela Angela Davis; CUNY Vice Chancellor for Research Gillian Small; and AT&T Chief Diversity Officer Debbie Storey, respectively.

“The vibes were great, and I thought it was interesting to hear all those people’s stories,” Ms. Jett said. “It’s really amazing how similar all our stories are, regardless of what walk of life we’re in.”

Feminist Press recently archived into a book Ms. Hanna’s “Riot Grrrl” zines, and has supported Ms. Small’s Women in Science group at CUNY. Ms. Davis, through Salon de Shine, and Ms. Storey, through Women at AT&T, both head career mentorship programs.

Read the rest here: You may need a subscription to view the content if you’ve already taken advantage of their free samples.

Here are some pics and tweets of the evening!

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Uh oh! It's Joan Jett!!

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