Sunday Night Football plays Unvarnished clips

Since 2006, the Sunday Night Football theme has been sung to the tune of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You,” written by Joan and Desmond Child.

Now Sunday Night Football has ANOTHER Joan connection: they periodically play short clips from Unvarnished leading into their breaks. I think it’s been happening since the start of the season. Last week, I heard “Any Weather” and “Bad As We Can Be.” Last night, I only heard “Any Weather.” Did I miss any?

As for the SNF theme song, P!nk was the first artist to sing it in 2006, followed by Faith Hill from 2007-2012, and now by Carrie Underwood. I prefer P!nk’s version, which is a little more rock and roll, but the country versions don’t bother me.

Sunday Night Football theme – P!nk (2006):

Sunday Night Football theme – Faith Hill (2012)

Sunday Night Football theme – Carrie Underwood (2013)

And check out this hilarious SNF audition video:

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