New Movie Alert: Undateable John


Official logo for the film


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts just filmed a new movie called Undateable John! Joan and the band perform in the movie, and Joan and Kenny are producers on the film. Written by Cynthia Posner and starring John Philbin, Estella Warren, Daryl Hannah, Tom Arnold, Margaret Cho, Joan Jett, Meredith Baxter, Scott Etebari, Flakiss, Kash Hovey, Sheev, Michael Klinger, and Sean Summers, Undateable John is still in pre-production and currently scheduled for release sometime in 2014.

From the film’s Facebook page:

Plot Outline: ‘UNDATEABLE JOHN’, a slacker surf instructor, who’s on and off the wagon, gets his life together when he falls for a beautiful but troubled young woman he meets in Alcoholics Anonymous. A Romantic Comedy.

Here’s a cool on-set interview with Joan and some of the crew by Queen Ra on Yard From Abroad:

Watch on YouTube

Also check out Undateable John on IMDB.



5 thoughts on “New Movie Alert: Undateable John

  1. Great find! I can’t wait to see the video and Undateable John (or Through The Keyhole, for that matter), I love that Blackheart Films is moving ahead!

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