Get the BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE edition of Unvarnished!

Even if you already have the iTunes deluxe edition of Unvarnished, you NEED to check out the Best Buy exclusive version!


This is definitely worth the money. The track listing is the same as the regular CD, plus four live tracks: “Bad Reputation,” “Cherry Bomb,” “TMI,” and “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” The quality of these tracks will prove to any naysayers that, yes, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are at the top of their game. The package also includes four stickers!

You can buy this CD online HERE, or you can visit your local Best Buy. They are selling the regular version too, so be sure the one  you pick says “Best Buy Exclusive” on it.

Whichever CD you get though, beware:

The end of the last track has a scary surprise at the end. Try not to drive a vehicle or do anything dangerous when you listen to it. You might get spooked!

2 thoughts on “Get the BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE edition of Unvarnished!

  1. Wow! That is freaky at the end!! I had my ear up to the speaker to make sure I didnt miss it, since I hadnt noticed it before, and wham! Lol. I wonder what it means?!

    • LOL, I’m not sure. I was sitting in my driveway, in the dark, when I heard it. Luckily, the car was in park, and I had read about it on Twitter beforehand. Otherwise, I would have been scared out of my mind.

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