Australia: Pre-order Unvarnished and get a signed copy!


We are just under 8 days away from getting Unvarnished in the U. S., but Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ new album drops in Australia on October 4th.

To soften the blow of having to wait a little longer, Australia, you will get a SIGNED COPY of Unvarnished if you pre-order your CD from JB Hi Fi Online HERE. Tell your friends!

The Australian CD has all 14 tracks present in the U. S. deluxe iTunes edition:

  1. Any Weather (606 Version)
  2. TMI
  3. Soulmates To Strangers
  4. Make It Back
  5. Hard To Grow Up
  6. Fragile
  7. Reality Mentality
  8. Bad As We Can Be
  9. Different
  10. I Know What I Know
  11. Seriously
  12. Different (Demo Version)
  13. Any Weather (Blackhearts)
  14. Everybody Needs A Hero




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