NEW Joan Jett album coming THIS FALL

Last Saturday, Blackheart Records released an exclusive Record Store Day reissue of Album on 180-gram yellow vinyl. If you were lucky enough to get a copy, tucked inside the packaging is a little card announcing that The Blackhearts will have a new album out THIS FALL!

My palms are already starting to sweat. (Is that TMI?) 😉

Thanks to @JettheadAl for posting this on Twitter.

From @jettheadal - card included with Record Store Day exclusive re-release of Album.

From @jettheadal – card included with 2013 Record Store Day exclusive re-release of Album.


5 thoughts on “NEW Joan Jett album coming THIS FALL

  1. Awesome! I haven’t opened any of my copies yet…yeah, I’m a selfish hog. I try to get (at least) three of each of the special releases so I can keep some unopened, but I’m not always successful. This time I got two on RSD and two more yesterday (one is for a friend).

  2. I saw it, but no, it’s on the other side of a mountain range. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to the May 27 show; it’s only about 95 minutes away.

    I’ve never experienced any kind of lines or very large crowds on RSD and there are three participating shops in my area (more if I want to travel a bit more). Each shop gets different stuff, pretty much, so it pays to check around. The only issues I’ve had are buy limits (so take a friend), and sometimes even when a store expects certain titles, they don’t always come in on time so I end up having to go back once or twice.

  3. Her energy is at its peak every time.
    She is lovebeliver
    She is Peacemaker.
    She is Freedom fighter.
    She love again.
    She doesn’t be scared.
    She doesn’t care bad reputation. 
    And You too, Me too.
    Back to the Fire !!!

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