New song “Any Weather” in the works for Australia?

OK, this is weird: There’s a poster of Joan’s tour with The Darkness floating about, and it looks like Australia is getting a new version of the Greatest Hits package in March that will contain a new “hit” song called, “Any Weather”.

This is from McManus Entertainment’s Facebook pageDarkness_tour_poster_Australia:


Look at the closeup of the bottom:

Thanks to @JettheadAl for the tip!

What puzzles me is:

1. How can a song be a “hit” when no one  has ever heard it? I suppose it could be an unreleased cover of a hit song, but still.

2. Why hasn’t or announced this?

I hope someone at Blackheart can confirm if this is true–it just looks odd to me. I hope it’s true though!

3 thoughts on “New song “Any Weather” in the works for Australia?

  1. Dunno about that BUT I do know I got tickets to see Joan at her Sydney gig on the 5th of April. Cant wait – its been a long time since May 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!

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