Help Hurricane Sandy victims with purchases from the Blackheart Records store in November

If you have any Blackheart Records merchandise on your holiday wish list this year, make your purchases by Friday, November 30, and Blackheart will donate 25% of all proceeds to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. From

Our hearts go out to those who are suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. We will be donating 25% of all proceeds from the Blackheart Store, for the month of November, to the American Red Cross.

Joan’s homes were damaged in the hurricane, as Kenny told the media at the PETA awards ceremony on November 4 in Fort Lauderdale:

Laguna told New Times that Joan had been having a rough week due to Sandy. Jett’s homes in Long Beach and the West Village were both heavily damaged. And until the trip to South Florida, Jett had been couch surfing in Laguna’s living room, which mirrored the beginning of their work relationship in the late ’70s. Both were happy to be in the warm sunshine of surprisingly storm-free South Florida.

Here’s a video of Joan discussing the hurricane at her show in Tulsa on November 9:

Former Blackheart guitarist Ricky Byrd was also personally devastated by the storm, and has been chronicling his ordeal on Facebook and Twitter. Follow him for more updates.

From 11/23, Ricky’s Facebook page:

Thanksgiving over , Camp Jam week almost over in Cancun and then it’s back to my beaten up neighborhood and the reality of Sandy. It seems the water damage on our main floor was festering under the wood ,so back out of the house as they rip out the entire first floor and sub floor. Only way to get rid of mold …also need to get some new wheels when i get back…2 cars gone .Carol at home dealing with the nightmare..I know it’s not on the first page anymore but parts of NY still without power or heat..houses destroyed and the cleanup just beginning.. people really hurting..gonna take a long time and it’s gonna be a tough holiday season..As we’ve proved before NY always gets off the mat before the eight count! Punchy but standing!!!

Damage from Hurricane Sandy is estimated in the billions in the U. S. alone, and many people are displaced from their homes. Please consider donating to the American Red Cross on your own also, or investigate other charities that are helping in recovery efforts.

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