Limited Edition Bad Reputation released on clear vinyl for Record Store Day

UPDATE: This is just the Record Store Day Black Friday. The actual Record Store Day is the third Saturday in April. No word yet on whether The Blackhearts will release anything special in April. Follow @recordstoreday for more info.

Blackheart Records released Bad Reputation on limited edition, 180 gram clear vinyl for Record Store Day (today, November 23rd, 2012).


This limited edition clear vinyl LP of the classic Joan Jett album includes an enhanced CD of “Bad Reputation” with bonus tracks and live footage. Bad Reputation has never before been available on heavyweight clear vinyl.



“Bad Reputation”/”Make Believe”/”You Don’t Know What You’ve Got”/”You Don’t Own Me”/”Too Bad On Your Birthday”/”Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)”/”Let Me Go”/”Doing Alright With The Boys”/”Shout”/”Jezebel”/”Don’t Abuse Me”/”Wooly Bully”

CD: “Call Me Lightning”/”Hanky Panky”/”What Can I Do For You”/”You Don’t Own Me”/”Bad Reputation (Live) ”

CD Enhanced Material:

“Shout (Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ 8/7/82)”

“Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) (The Summit, Houston, TX 10/7/83)”

“Bad Reputation”/”Call Me Lightning”/”Hanky Panky”/”What Can I Do For You”/”You Don’t Own Me”/”Bad Reputation (Live)” (Long Island Brewing Company, Jericho, NY 1/20/98)”

I’m sorry I couldn’t get to a computer before now to post this. Find participating stores in your area HERE and find out if any of them still have it.

I wish Record Store Day was held on another day. I make it a point to never leave my house or purchase anything on Black Friday, so I always miss out.

If any of you were able to pick this up, was it worth it? Got any pics?

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