In honor of Joan’s birthday…

A blog redesign is coming today! I’ve been testing and tweaking it, and I’ll start setting it up after I’ve gotten a little sleep. Catch you on the flip-side!

4 thoughts on “In honor of Joan’s birthday…

  1. Dear Joan,
    I wish you the most beatiful birthday ever I have been a fan when you first started playing and now I am 65 years old and only play your cd’s constantly they inspire me and I feel totally young. Don’t ever stop playing, I had the honor of meeting you in Brea, Ca and also I saw you at the Long Beach Grand Prix on 4/14/2012. YOU ARE FANTASTIC, BRILLANT, THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS THAT I CAN SAY HOW GREAT YOU ARE IN FACT WHEN I HAD TO HAVE MAJOR SURGERY I TOLD THEM IN THE OPERATING TO PUT YOUR CD ON SO I WOULD BE AT PIECE. I TRULY WISH YOU THE THE WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY, BY THE WAY I HAVE SEEN YOU 7 TIMES AND EACH TIME IT IS SO EXCITING AND CAN HARDLY CONTROL MYSELF .


    • Hi Melinda, I removed your personal info from your comment. Joan doesn’t visit this site personally. You’d have better luck contacting her through Thanks for posting!

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