New 2012 tour dates: MI, CA, and WA!


Date Venue City Website
17-Mar-2012 Little River Casino Resort Manistee, MI Website
2-Jul-2012 Marin County Fair San Rafael, CA Website
3-Jul-2012 Snoqualmie Amphitheater Snoqualmie, WA None*
4-Aug-2012 Ventura County Fair Ventura, CA Website

*Note: The Snoqualmie date is on all of Joan’s websites, but I can’t find a website for the venue itself. If you know where it is, or how to get tickets, please leave a comment. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “New 2012 tour dates: MI, CA, and WA!

  1. I asked the Snoqualmie Casino on their Facebook page if this was the WA venue for Joan’s July concert and they replied with this:
    Snoqualmie Casino: Yes, we do not have an onsale date yet. This will be in our Outdoor Venue called Mountain View Plaza as a apart of Summer Series!
    Snoqualmie Casino: You can visit out website for more info on the Venue!

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