Joan Jett at the Miami Make-A-Wish Ball: Recap

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts performed at Miami’s annual Make-a-Wish Ball on Saturday, November 5. The event raised $1.1 million, enough to grant 220 wishes in South Florida to children with life-threatening illnesses. (Source:

Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, OMG I’m totally fangirling!!!) was the celebrity auctioneer at the event.

Joan did a brief interview with Inside Celebrities HERE, and they describe more of the event HERE. has STUNNING pics of Joan and the guests HERE. Love the party masks!

That is Gabrielle Anwar down front!

See more pics at NBC Miami’s site HERE. has a great review of the event, lots of Joan:

On the White Carpet, Jett rolled with the same stroll that made her mighty mark back before she was even of drinking age. Feisty, fearsome and full of a fully-lived life, the ever-on songstress was as candid as she was charming. I mentioned that I caught The Runaways opening for The Ramones around the corner at Gusman Center when I was but a wee lad; Jett’s eyes lit up with the spark of great creation.

“That was one of my favorite tours ever,” she told me. “All of us were young and hungry and determined. And the crowds were wonderful.”

Read the rest HERE.

Worldredeye also has pics from the private dinner that Joan attended the night before:

On the eve of the InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball, Ball Chairman Shareef Malnik hosted an intimate dinner at The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar for the cause’s key benefactors and its celebrity supporters. Ball entertainer, rock legend Joan Jett and auctioneer Gabrielle Anwar, both vegans, feasted on a specially prepared menu and discussed their excitement for reaching the Ball’s $10 million lifetime fundraising goal with the rest of the group…

Read the rest and see the pics HERE.

Videos from the event:

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Watch on Vimeo

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