Planning for Joan Jett’s birthday

September 22 is less than a month away, Jettheads!

Let’s do something different this year: If any of you would like to make graphics, poems, letters, stories, or videos in honor of Joan’s birthday, and would like to share, I’d love to post them here. Email your creations to, and I’ll post them on September 22nd. (NOTE ABOUT VIDEOS: Please upload them to a site like YouTube and just email me the link. I can’t upload videos directly to this site for free, so if you email me video attachments I will have to delete them. Thanks!)

I have to work on the 22nd (boo!), so it would be great if you could send them by September 21st at the latest, so I can schedule the posts ahead of time. HAVE FUN!

Also, for those of you on Twitter, I think we should decide on our hashtag now, so we have the best chance of getting it to trend. I recommend: #HappyBdayJoanJett — what do you think?

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