FREE Brooklyn, NY show Jul 14 with Girl in a Coma, NEW Blackheart Brigade fan initiative

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are playing a FREE show in Brooklyn, New York at Coney Island on July 14 with Girl in a Coma. (She’ll be in Florida on July 13 and Iowa on July 15th. Yikes! I don’t want her schedule!)

From @bh_brigade

The announcement came from Blackheart Brigade (@bh_brigade), Blackheart Records’ new official fan initiative:!/BH_Brigade/status/86820877227929600

Blackheart Brigade will post news about all Blackheart artists on their Facebook wall and Twitter, and you can earn points and prizes by using their rewards app, and spamming your friends sharing their posts on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t think you can earn anything with Twitter alone, it looks like you have to click their buttons on their Facebook rewards app to actually earn anything. (If I find out that’s not the case, I’ll let you know.) Once you get the points, you can “spend” them to get free stuff from their “store”, like downloads and wallpapers and such. All Blackheart artists are represented, not just Joan. Warning: In order to use the app you will have to give it permissions to access your Facebook data, even when you are not logged on. Facebook will give you a pop up asking if you want to continue. Use your best judgement.

There are also limits to how many points you can earn for your sharing. According to the FAQ page at VoxBloc, the company that provides this service to Blackheart, although you can share as much as you want, they can only give points for the first time you share every 6 hours. They probably do this to not seem as though they are encouraging spam, which would royally tick off both Facebook and Twitter and probably get VoxBoc apps blocked on both.

VoxBloc is “a social loyalty network that rewards consumers for interacting with their favorite brands, events, and music both online and on their mobile devices. By incentivizing users to share, like, check-in and interact VoxBloc helps you extend your reach and reward your most loyal fans!” Read more about them on and their business here.

I’ve never heard of this kind of thing before, and I’m not really into it. If I liked Facebook more I’m sure it would be different. Also, since I only interact with Facebook as Born to be Jetthead, these rewards are not available to me. My personal profile is none of their business and I don’t want to give their app access to it. I think this blog is enough to prove my loyalty. 🙂

If you’re interested, try them out and let me know how you like them, or don’t like them, in the comments.

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