[Video] “DOG” is back!!!

The last time I heard Joan Jett perform The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” live, the right way, was in June of 1997, in the second row at a super-tiny club called Graffiti in Pittsburgh. Back then, she sang the song without her guitar so she could touch us freely, and she would make us bark for her. As she leaned over the short stage within inches of me, I stole a swipe of the top of her sweaty, blonde, buzz-cut head. Just a tiny swipe, though. I didn’t want to lose my hand. 😀

“Dog” hasn’t been in the set list since around 2002 or so, and its loss has caused Jettheads everywhere to howl in sadness. But on Saturday, May 14, Joan brought it back with an interesting twist: she licked her guitar during the performance! Behold…

Thanks SO MUCH to @Rhiannon224 for the tip!! Also check out her video of the week topic on this very song at the Sinners message board HERE. LOTS of great memories and history from the fans!

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