Joan Jett is now a FREE FONT!

PC World reports that there is a new font available for download: “JETT”!

From "Jett’s B and V rotate and combine to create a black heart, but that’s not the only trick this font can do."

Here’s a tale of two cities. She’s a Philadelphia-born rocker known for driving beats and in-your-face lyrics. He’s a Parisian design student with a guitar hero alter-ego and a handful of pixel bricks. What bad grrrl guitarist Joan Jett and apprentice typographer Izzy-sparks have in common is a heart made for rock and a homage font as black and distressed as the lead singer’s wardrobe. Jett (free) is a display font with attitude to spare.

Jett was created as part of a class assignment to capture the essence of a favorite artist using Rob Meek’s online application FontStruct. The work began as a clone of another FontStruction. Designers in the FontStruct community encourage cloning (copying a font set) by choosing a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. This was the case with Formal Roman, a FontStruction inspired by, (but not a direct copy of) Minion Pro, an Adobe font designed by Robert Slimbach in 1990.

It’s hard not to like this outsider with an attitude. Jett is a solid tribute to a musician who continues to play past the critics, even as Izzy-sparks’s characters, blurred and distressed as they are, stand ready to strike the perfect chord for clubwise designers.

Read the full article at HERE. Download the font HERE.

OK PEEPS, who wants to make me a new header graphic for Born to be Jetthead using this rad new font? (I totally BLOW at making graphics, so I could use the help.) My header image is 990 x 180. Email submissions to or post to your twitpic, flickr, etc., and send me the link in the comments. 🙂 I will feature the best submissions on the blog.

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