Joan Jett to appear on Oprah: Wednesday, April 13

Oprah Winfrey is doing a show about female musicians, including Joan Jett! Thanks to @Rhiannon224 and her epic sleuthing with Blackheart, we now know that the show is taping this Friday, April 8, and will air next Wednesday, April 13.

Our first clue was a contest on, which is now closed, looking for “the ultimate Joan Jett fan.” They had similar contests for Stevie Nicks and other female rock and roll musicians:

Are you the ultimate Joan Jett fan?

Do you consider yourself Joan Jett’s number one fan? Has it always been a dream of yours to meet Joan? Do you know all of the lyrics to her songs and can list off all of her albums? How did her music make a difference in your life? Is one song of hers in particular your life anthem? Do you remember your first Joan Jett concert?

If you or someone you know is a HUGE fan of Joan Jett, then The Oprah Winfrey Show would like to hear from you! Please tell us why you consider yourself or someone you know the ultimate Joan Jett fan. Please include a recent photo and only respond if you are willing to appear on national television.

Honestly, if I had known about this when it was still an open request, I would have posted it immediately. But it never showed up in my Joan Jett Google alerts, and I first saw it on Twitter and the Sinners’ message board just after it closed. From what @Rhiannon224 was able to find out, the winner has already been chosen and it looks like it will be someone who (unlike me) has never met Joan before. How exciting! I am happy for whoever it is.

This is Oprah’s 25th (and final) season, and Joan gets to be a part of it! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Joan Jett to appear on Oprah: Wednesday, April 13

  1. I wanted to meet Joan Jett and be on oprah!!!!!!!
    Why didn’t they post it on there website or facebook wall?!! 😦
    At least I hope the person who gets to meet her is worthy

  2. I don’t think anyone is more of a Joan fan than anyone… stupid contest . I belive it was just americans that could be in the contest . If you love joan by all you heart then no one chould come and say “hey that guy love joan more than you”.

    However i am going to be jealous at the winner 😉

  3. Joan Jett just arrived in Chicago with her band. I sat next to her on the flight from NY. Keep an eye out for her around the city.

  4. I have this crazy ass shit idea , and i wanted to know what you guys think =) We all kind of know how Joans guitar (the white one with stikers) looks like from the front , but how about the back? anyone who knows? Maby if so many as possible writes a fan mail to the Blackheart records and ask ‘s for a photo they maby would post a …
    cheers on ya all 🙂

    • It says save a cow, eat vegetarian. She showed it off to the crowd at the show I was at in Tampa, FL. When she switched out guitars and grabbed that one the crowd went nuts and Joan commented “Oh, you guys like this guitar” then she flipped it over to show off the sticker.

  5. i saw the teaser on youtube and on facebook. i was just wondering why the show had to add the other singers. it’s supposed to be a show about female rock icons/legends goddesses. nuff, said.

    but joan jett with miley cyrus??? no wonder at the end of the clip, joan’s not around. you can see that on the photo/still.

    • I don’t know what Oprah will talk about because I haven’t seen it yet, but I think the point may be that these legendary musicians still have influence and they’re not all washed up has-beens from a bygone era.

  6. i thought oprah dissed joan by ignoring her and talking to that embrassing cryus. oprah talked more to other guests that joan. she talked to her a little bit and then turned her back to joan to talk to miley about a bunch of crap. if it wasn’t for joan and the runaways there wouldn’t be a lot of other band and girls (women) rocking it out. i believe joan got pissed by the diss by oprah and just left. that’s why i think she wasn’t there at the end of the show.

  7. i think it was such a poor career move for Joan to sing with that chick, Miley, she’s a poser, we all know that. She gives a fuck about rock&roll, she wants to be cool that’s it, shaking her Disney reputation a little bit.

    Anyway, i can’t listen to Bad rep, i hate myself or cherry bomb again without remembering that annoying voice!!! ggrrrr!!!

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