Happy Joan Jett Day! (March 25, 2011)

Some videos for your viewing pleasure. 😀

Joan judging an air guitar contest in 1988:

Joan Jett – Victims of circumstances LIVE 2003 Tokyo,Japan

Joan judging a kids’ costume contest in the UK in 1988:

ILRNR on French TV, 1990 (serious Eye Lockage here):

Video View UK, 1988, Part 1:

Video View UK, 1988, Part 2:

The Runaways “Rock N’ Roll” LIVE at the Agora 7/19/1976 COMMENTARY

The Runaways “Blackmail” LIVE at the Agora 7/19/1976 COMMENTARY

And, finally, because Joan loves animals:

Cat named Joan Jett chasing her tail:

3 thoughts on “Happy Joan Jett Day! (March 25, 2011)

  1. Hey! Happy Joan Jett Day Jettheads! (Actually it’s officially over as it’s 2:30 in the mornin here but whatever!) Thanks loads for the vid posts Elektric, especially the ‘Video View UK’ stuff. Loved how quickly Joan slammed the buzzer when the Europe vid was played. Classic! 🙂 She’s also dead right bout ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ essentially bein a ballad an that G’nR not only had rockier stuff but that they were also a passionate, hungry band at that time compared to the other artists they were talkin about. The other guys didn’t seem to see that. Also lovin the two Runaways tracks live at The Agora in 76. Hadn’t heard them before so cheers once again! Hope yaz all had great JJ Day! x PS My mobile/cell phone is on the blink and keeps randomly playin tracks out loud off ‘Sinner’…I’m jus fine with that! 🙂

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