VIDEO: Joan Jett on Australia’s Rage

Joan Jett introduced a lot of great music Saturday night on ABC Australia’s Rage. She filmed her spots in an animal sanctuary while cuddling koalas, kangaroos, and face-eating lizards.  😯

One of our Australian Jetthead buddies, @DeadEnd_Kid, was kind enough to tape Joan’s intros and Jettigre was kind enough to upload them to YouTube. Thanks guys!

Joan Jett on Rage, Part 1:

Joan Jett on Rage, Part 2:

See ABC Australia’s website HERE for the full set list that night.

9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Joan Jett on Australia’s Rage

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  2. see you later…. im Joan Jett ^^ she is so cute xD
    hahaha is kind of funny that she is sitting there with these weird animals in her hand 😛
    oh shit thats a fucking snake O.0
    hahah Barney ^^
    oh shit the snake is back .. she is just sitting there petting it xD
    fuck she really like it xD

  3. Hey Elektric, DeadEnd Kid an Jettigre, thanks loads for the JJ posts on Australia’s Rage! Wicked! Great to see recent Joan an don’t she look just ace?! So cool she flyin the flag for Joey! Saw Ramones when I was 18 in Paris and was wild! Here’s to Johnny, Joey & Dee Dee!!! …and Joan of course! 😉 Thanks again guys! x

  4. the special was awesome; Joan played a lot of cool old tracks (Pistols, Motorhead, etc) the Blackhearts list was great; some I hadn’t seen (the fairytale version of “I love you love…” was so funny!
    Usually the same program is hosted by wannabes, & is full of techno & electro pop rubbish, Joan’s night was a breath of fresh air!
    I recorded all of Joan’s intros & all the Blackhearts tracks – including the Sat morning segment, out on the grass with the kangaroos

  5. i have some shots from the Annandale – from close up, when I figure out how to put them on facebook, I’ll be sharing them with you all! (also some from Brisbane festival show)

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