Joan Jett picks Green Bay to win Super Bowl #45

Can Joan Jett successfully predict the NFL Super Bowl winner six years in a row? HELL  NO

Scripps Howard News Service has published their 22nd Annual Celebrity Super Bowl Poll, and they’ve asked our Joanie to participate for the eleventh consecutive year. She has predicted that the Green Bay Packers (her favorite team) will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (my favorite team) with a score of 38-24.

Joan has correctly predicted the winning team in the last five super bowls and hopes to continue her streak, which is currently the longest unbroken streak in the pollJINX!! See a list of Joan’s other Super Bowl predictions and her results HERE.

Ordinarily, I’d be rooting for Joan here, but not against my Pittsburgh Steelers! Sunday will be an exciting game, whatever the outcome.

Joan, as much as I love the Steelers, I’d still like to keep the peace around here, so I have a proposal for you: Why don’t we make a friendly bet? The mayors of both cities are each pledging various goods and services to the winning city, so why can’t we? Here is my proposal:

If Green Bay wins, I will:

  1. Buy, and wear regularly, a Green Bay Packers custom jersey with “Jetthead” written on the back, and
  2. Donate 100 dollars of my own money to the charity of YOUR choice.

If Pittsburgh wins, you could:

  1. Play a concert in Pittsburgh, and
  2. Wave our Terrible Towel on stage.

What do you say? I am open to negotiations. 😀


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