X Factor UK’s Matt Cardle sings I Love Rock-n-Roll

Oh Lord… REALLY?!?!? Does this song need pyro and 14 backing dancers? (Yes, I counted.) REALLY?!?!?

Britney Spears’ version of this song was voted the worst cover song EVER in a poll by UK magazine NME earlier this year. Has she been dethroned? You decide.

Watch on YouTube — if you dare.

Sorry Jettheads. One cup of brain bleach, coming up:

Watch on YouTube

Here’s another cup, just in case:

Watch on YouTube

3 thoughts on “X Factor UK’s Matt Cardle sings I Love Rock-n-Roll

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  2. what a load of crap, i cannot bring myself to watch this rubbish, it just shows you how awful pop music is now.I regard it as insulting to Joan who is a real rocker, a brilliant musician and a genuine person. All this x factor crap is so f****** abysmal it makes you want to puke. I’m not advocating violence but i bet Joan would kick this mindless jerks head in, Joan Jett rules, the true spirit of kick ass rock’n’roll !

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