*NEW* Joan Jett tour date in Sydney, Australia

A little Jetthead birdie in my email told me today that The Blackhearts are performing at Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Australia, on Friday, January 7th, 2011. This date is in addition to the three Australian festivals The Blackhearts are already scheduled to perform at earlier that month. (I talked about those here and here.) The Annandale Hotel will be a more intimate pub show, which will be great for fans near Sydney who can’t get close enough to the festivals! (I can’t get a feel for exactly how big or small the venue is just from the website. Can any Australian Jettheads help me out with a description?)

Tickets for the Annandale show go on sale November 16th. http://www.news.com.au made the announcement, along with a short interview with Joan:

Jett, who will hold court at local rock institution the Annandale Hotel on January 7, says she’s keen to kick off a new chapter with her Australian visit after spending the past 18 months tied up with a biopic on her seminal all-girl teen rock band The Runaways.

“It has been a long, tough year with the film and I lost my mother,” she says.

“She was a big reason The Runaways were able to happen.

“She let me do it, and she talked to the other mothers so the other girls could do it.

“It’s been a weird time having to look back on all of that, so now I’m looking forward to a new chapter.”

Jett, who was played by Twilight star Kristen Stewart, says she’s impressed that the film has inspired another generation of young women to pick up guitars.

“It’s really cute – but no, they don’t come running up and screaming at you like they do to Kristen. Maybe they’re afraid to or something.”

Tickets for the January gig will go on sale on November 16 through annandalehotel.com.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/joan-jett-to-play-annandale-hotel-and-falls-festival/story-e6frfmqr-1225945856881#ixzz13zsr0zM2

I’m intrigued by the quote: “It’s been a weird time having to look back on all of that, so now I’m looking forward to a new chapter.” — I hope this means that Joan wants to record new music soon. I don’t know about you, but it’s been just over 4 years since Sinner, and I’m getting twitchy. We had to wait 12 years between Pure and Simple and Sinner, and I don’t think I could handle that again. The newbies don’t know what that was like, but let me tell you, even though Joan never stopped touring during that time, it was torture. Although, I honestly don’t want her to make music just to please us, because that would be anti-Joan. I want her to give us whatever makes her happy. I just really, really hope that going back to the studio soon will make her happy. Was that diplomatic enough, or am I still selfish? 😀

I am a little jealous, Australia, that you get to start 2011 with a warm summer and Joan Jett, while I shiver in the snow in the States, Jett-less. But I’m so happy for you! Waiting 12 years for a new album was torture, but waiting 15 years for a live show would be pure hell. It would have killed me years ago. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “*NEW* Joan Jett tour date in Sydney, Australia

  1. Hello all, i can’t quite believe that all my wet dreams have finally come true, i am finally old enough, rich enough & close enough to see joan in concert…now the hard part the annandale is a great pub, but only has enough room for 400-420 people. So excited.


  2. the Annandale is legendary, you can still hear the remnants of Rose Tattoo when you walk into that joint (Aust loudest RnR band) seeing Joan there will be awesome (even though I’ve already spent nearly $1000 on airfares, accom & tix for the Brisbane festival show, I’ll still be going, if I can score a ticket) If my 1982 tour T-shirt still fits, I’ll be wearing it!!

  3. I have an original set list (off stage floor at the Capitol Theatre) from JJ’s 1982 Aussie tour – wonder if it might be worth anything…? I think they played ‘Little drummer boy’ that night, will double check:
    Any more Aussie Jett heads out there…???? We love her cos she stays true to her RnR roots & doesn’t pander to all the gossip magazines etc
    Last week I nearlly vomitted when I heard a DJ at a club play, ‘I love RnR’ (the Britney Spears version) the DJ announced it as Joan????
    Clearly, ‘Spears’ doesn’t love RnR!
    It would be a life long dream to just get to say Hi to Joan in Sydney! Any JJ’s staff out there listening??

  4. in addition to last comment – does anyone know what the Blackhearts line up will be during the Aussie tour ? I noticed on a recent clip (for AC/DC) there were horns & keyboards (in my opinion not necessary, sorry I’m a guitars & drums purist); I assume it will be the 4 piece?
    any other JJ fans in Oz can email me:
    dwilliams@artc.com.au (my work email)

    BTW, at a recent showing of ‘the Runaways’ movie in Newcastle, it was good to see there were a few young people in the crowd – & some were crying during some scenes?

  5. Hi Dave
    I’m only a new fan – regretfully ( if I go could go back in time I would) but nevertheless I am a huge JJ fan also in OZ – Geelong actually , did u get Sydney Tix ? I managed to get them lucky for once in my life! The falls were my back up option but a weekend in syd including JJ ticket cost same as a falls ticket ( go figure) but I can let u know if I get lucky for second round ballot 🙂 I am so freakn excited !

  6. I got tix for Annandale (a ballot thing?) can’t wait; also going to ‘Sunset Sounds’, we can’t get a refund on festival tix, plane fares or accom, so will turn it into a little holiday in Brisbane – will only go to the festival the 1 night Joan is playing – hopefully it’s the first night & we can sell tix to the 2nd night?
    PS I hate mash ups, unless they’re funny & not just trying to be clever; nobody should touch Joan’s tracks, leave them all ‘Pure & Simple’!

  7. sorry to hog this part of the web-site:
    maybe all the people going to the Annandale gig should try & meet up before the gig – I’m already intending on catching up with other buddies from down that way – we should stand out; if not wearing a JJ T-shirt, then probably a Rose Tattoo one?

  8. the ‘Sunset Sounds’ (Australia) website still hasn’t provided the line up; who’s playing on what night? Joan, Wed or Thurs night?? fairly important info you’d think, as lots of people are travelling a loooong way to get there

  9. Hey guys, I’m coming up from Melbourne for the show. I’m only 18, but a true Joan Jett fan!
    Pretty keen on a meet up too seeing as I’m travelling on my own, it’d be nice to have a beer and talk about good music. Let me know if you’re interested…
    And yeah, definitely be wearing a Joan Jett or Rose Tattoo t shirt, maybe AC/DC or Runaways, I’ll see whats clean haha.

  10. can anyone tell me where I can get hold of the ‘new’ version of ‘Love is Pain’ (as heard during the closing credits of the Runaways movie) it kicks arse, but I can’t find it anywhere..??

  11. Australian flood update:
    the Botanic Gardens in Queensland Australia (where the Blackhearst played only last Thursday night – Jan 6, for the ‘Sunset Sounds’ festival) is virtually underwater; a bit scary when you see it on the news

  12. sorry to keep hogging the messages; in reply to your request for info on the Annandale hotel? It’s a tiny pub, maybe the size of CBGBs? It holds 400 max; believe me, it was ‘maxed’ on the 7th; perfect venue for this band; everyone can see from anywhere in the room; it’s virtually rectangular.
    One of, if not, ‘the’ best gigs I’ve ever been to.

    the pub was (still is) a local hangout for legendary Aussie rockers ‘Rose Tattoo’ & their off-shoot projects (check ’em out) & is in the heart of Sydneys guitar shops & tattoo parlours

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