Joan Jett birthday recap

I’m seriously thinking about taking off work for Joan’s next birthday. This year, #happybirthdayjoan didn’t trend on Twitter, and I was too busy all day to help. My wheels are already turning. I’ll try to come up with something great.

Joan’s birthday was not completely forgotten by the media. Below are links to some cool articles celebrating the event. But first, check out these awesome birthday graphics from @dont_getmewrong! Click for bigger versions.

flashback background joan jett @jjelektric a flashback of joa... on Twitpic

Joan Jett BG... on Twitpic

Happy Birthday Joan Jett! —

Happy Birthday, Joan Jett! —, Punk music

Joan Jett: She Loves Rock N’ Roll —  I love this one because, in addition to the obligatory history of her 80’s hits, this article also calls out some of my favorite deep tracks, like Pure and Simple‘s “Rubber and Glue”. Michael David obviously has great taste. 🙂 ( was down this morning. If the article isn’t back up yet, you can read it on HERE.)

And here are some birthday announcements from smaller outlets: — Joan is the Birthday Highlight.

Blogtown — Did you know that Joan shares her birthday with Toni Basil and Debbie Boone?

98.5 WNCX Cleveland asked an open question about people’s favorite Joan Jett songs. I love these answers!

Did you spot any others?

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