Joan Jett will spend New Year’s in AUSTRALIA!

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts are returning to Australia for the first time since 1995*, when they play three festivals in December and January.

I have no idea who took this beautiful picture. Whoever you are, thank you!

Tickets go on sale soon! None of the festivals’ schedules have been finalized yet, so check the following sites for more info and tickets:

1. The Falls Festival, December 28, 2010 – January 1, 2011:

This festival is in two cities, Marion Bay, Tasmania, and Lorne, Victoria. The Blackhearts are on the list to play in both cities, but I don’t know which dates are in which city. Visit the official festival website for more details and tickets. Also follow the official festival Twitter.

(*Source, source, source)

2. The Southbound Festival, January 1-3, 2011:

Southbound 2011’s official Twitter


3. Sunset Sounds, January 5-6, 2011:

Sunset Sounds on Twitter


Congratulations Australia!

23 thoughts on “Joan Jett will spend New Year’s in AUSTRALIA!

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  2. does anyone know if JJ will only be performing at the Falls Festival in Victoria, Australia.
    Because I can’t go, but I NEED to see her perform in my state (Victoria) someone PLEASE help me out

    • Hi Jenna. These are the only Australian dates so far that I know of, but I’ll post if I hear of any more. In the meantime, you can create a demand for Joan in your area on It’s worldwide. It’s like a petition, so it may or may not happen, but it’s worth a shot. Good luck!

  3. I just want to know if she will play in Sydney she seems to be at every other city but Sydney I need to see her but can only see her in sydney

  4. Back in 1995 (when she toured with the Divinyls) she played many many small out of the way places (ie Barooga, and St Georges Basin!) so my guess is she and Kenny will only be playing the larger cities this time around. Here is a review of a 1995 Sydney show I did (with a well publicized photo – it was on Wikipedia for some time):

    • yeah they are like 390 bucks. it’s for the whole NYE music festival.
      do you know of any other concerts she’s having.. just her. not at music festivals?

  5. does anyone know if she will be doing any other shows in Victoria?
    like actual concerts just for her.. not the Falls Festival?

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  7. we’ve had to buy tix for both nights at Sunset sounds – no single tix available ,& the freaks at ‘Sunset Sounds’ won’t tell us what night Joan is playing (Wed or Thurs)? As well, we’ve bought plane flights from Newcastle & accom in Bris for 2 nights – I too hope Joan plays smaller, local venues, large festivals suck if you want the intimacy of a band like the Blackhearts – I wanna see the whites of their eyes…!!!
    1982 & 1995 tours were awesome!!!

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  9. Missed out on tickets for every venue. Tickets for Sydney sold out in 1 minute @ The Annandale a 450 capacity venue – this really is a massive F**K you to fans that have been loyal to Joan for decades. It’s not like we can just fly to the other side of the country anytime to see here either. Why the promoter couldn’t have booked her for a larger venue in Sydney is beyond me. Will we have to wait another 15 years for the next chance to see hwr. Seriously unhappy.

  10. Sydney sold out in 1 minute, but only 200 tickets were released to the public. I’m seriously pi**ed too! No Melbourne show either!!!

    • Hi Andrea,
      how do you know only 200 tickets were sold? And if so, are they gonna sell the rest at the door, or are they for VIP’S? You probably don’t know my second question, just thinking out loud. I am sooo pissed off.

  11. i really want to go see joan jett peform at the sunset sounds festival in brisbane except im 14 and you have to be 18+ to get in!!!!! stupid laws, if anyone knows if i could get in with my parents and supervision the whole time or any loopholes please let me know i just want to see her perform and buy a t-shirt =)

  12. omfg i’m literally crying right now..
    joan jett, as i type, is 3 hours away from me, and i havent got a ticket to get in and see her because i just found out about all of this just now by accident.
    i idolize that woman so fucking much
    and she’s out of my reach.
    omg im shaking.

    please, if anyone, ANYONE knows any more details about her touring melbourne or anywhere in australia, please let me know by hitting me up by message on facebook.. please.

  13. Nikk
    I feel your pain. What a shame bigger venues were not selected so more could attend. I don’t understand why more publicity about the Australian tour was not made available in order for loyal fans such as yourself would have known. And, why were more venues not selected across the country? Four or Five appearances simply are just not enough. The National Ice Sports Centre in Melbourne would have been a great venue. What a shame.

  14. I just found out that she was booked to play at The Enmore. Why the fuck did they change it to the Annandale? And some chick tried to sell me ONE ticket for $400 bucks. Piss off.

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