“The Runaways” on DVD & Blu-Ray TODAY!!


Here’s the DVD/Blu-Ray trailer:



Are you doing anything special to celebrate?

2 thoughts on ““The Runaways” on DVD & Blu-Ray TODAY!!

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  2. Yes i got double reason to celibrate. July 20th is the “Feast of the Prophet Elias”. of whom i am named after. it s kinda like a second birthday celibration.. So what better present i will treat myself too the the Runaways DVD. I never seen the film as yet ..as it did not play in Montreal. Seen only clips from a bad copy. Iwiil get out my best bottle of wine. make myself pizza (vegetarian of course in tribute to Joan) maybe invite a special friend, kickback in front of my big screen TV turn the volume up to 11, drift off to rock n roll dream land for 90 minutes.

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