“The Runaways” #1 on iTunes!

The Runaways was the #1 purchased movie on iTunes! (Thanks @KStewAddiction!)

The top 10 movie sales on iTunes keeps changing, and as I type this The Runways is currently sitting at #2, but earlier The Runaways did hold the top spot:

The Runaways #1 movie on itunes on Twitpic


(I would love to say “F-U Apparition,” but  they’re making money off of this deal too, so it’s not that powerful of an “F-U”, now is it?)

The Runaways was released on iTunes today, and will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray next Tuesday, July 20th. Read more here.

2 thoughts on ““The Runaways” #1 on iTunes!

  1. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got mine on I-Tunes and I pre-ordered the dvd on Amazon and payed extra to get it on release day. I’ve already watched it online for weeks at least 15X plus seeing it in the theaters. I swore I wasn’t gonna buy it on I-Tunes because I already know the story of BHR and I could tell it word for word but I couldn’t resist it. I mostly bought it because I wanted to hear Kenny tell the story, he makes me laugh. They have been so awsome to me over the years and I will always support them. The last concert I saw in May they gave me tickets and Joan signed my Ammo book before the show so I have no complaints. I am so happy that the movie is doing well on I-Tunes, I want them to get the money bach that they invested in this project. Also check Billboard for the end of May because GH made it on there. Rock album and idependant.

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