The Hillywood Show’s “Runaways” parody is here!

I think The Hillywood Show’s parodies are less about poking fun and more about celebration. Their seamless incorporation of music into their features takes the typical film parody and mixes it up with a little Weird Al Yankovic, which I like, very much.

For The Runaways, Hilly and Hannah Hindi, and their network of awesome friends, used the story of the band to tell their own story of how they became internet sensations. I’m sure explaining to people that you want to make intricate YouTube videos–for free–instead of doing something “normal” has gotten them just as many weird looks as Joan Jett got when she said she wanted to  play guitar for a living instead of taking shorthand and having babies. It fits.

As usual, The Hillywood Show’s the attention to detail–with settings, costumes, and acting–are just stunning. This is a must-see.

I don’t know if these people consider themselves to be Joan Jett or Runaways fans, but I’m going to let them be honorary Jettheads even if they don’t. Great job!! 😀

Follow The Hillywood Show on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. If you support their grass-roots style of art, click the “Donate” link on their site, or buy some of their merchandise: 10% of all proceeds from merchandise sales go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, so you’re supporting two great causes for your money. Good deal.

3 thoughts on “The Hillywood Show’s “Runaways” parody is here!

  1. Whoah, they put a lot of work into costumes, lighting, props, direction…everything! And apparently they really studied the movements and gestures in the film.

    I laughed out loud at the split-second bathtub shot. Too funny!

  2. This parody is brilliant! I was laughing the entire time and it is a spot on impersonation of the movie. The acting is great and I agree completely. The costumes, sets, actors and scenes are just awesome. Hillywood did such a great job 😀

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