Our newest Jetthead: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been talking about Joan Jett for a while now.

In August 2009, she told Matt Lauer on Today that Joan was one of her influences, and she’s been performing “I Love Rock and Roll” live during her most recent tour.

This week, Miley told MTV UK that:

“My favourite artist, the only person I listen to and who I’d like to work with is Joan Jett. For style and music she has a really cool vibe about her.”

Miley has also started singing a medley of Joan tunes during her shows: “I Love Rock-n-Roll,” “Cherry Bomb,” and”Bad Reputation”.

I think a lot of people might be upset that she’s singing these songs, but I’m not. Personally, I’m grateful that she’s opening her fans’ eyes to Joan Jett’s music.

Some people may think that Miley is just a poser who is capitalizing on The Runaways movie to make herself sound edgy. (Which is a little ridiculous since we all know no one saw that movie.)

I’m not a fan of her music, yet, but I prefer to cut her some slack. She’s a teenager now, and her tastes in everything are changing. She’s growing up. Even though I’m an old fart, I still remember what that feels like. Don’t you?

Check out Miley’s new video for “Can’t be Tamed”. You don’t have to like it, I promise. PEACE.

And, Miley, if you’re reading this like the closet Jetthead FREAK I know you are, HI!!! *waves*  😀

5 thoughts on “Our newest Jetthead: Miley Cyrus

  1. You know what? That’s not bad at all. She did a pretty good job. Cherry Bomb fits her pretty well, I think, and Bad Rep is just a big ol’ FU to her critics (the same as it was for Joan back in the day). So I say good job, Miley!

  2. Well…I have to say that I actually like Miley’s rendition of Cherry Bomb…and I’m a tough nut to crack when it comes to other people playing Joan’s music hahaha. But Miley has never really bothered me…I watch her stinkin’ show all the time (I have kids) hehehe. Not too keen on her version of Bad Rep though. Joan’s version and actually The Dollyrots are the only one’s I like of that so far. ILRNR was decent. I too am happy she is bringing this music to a younger generation and I completely agree she’s not trying to capitalize on the movie. Kudos to Miley…and welcome another Jetthead to the family 🙂

  3. I think it’s great she at least wants to go to the source and work with the actual artist rather than act as if she is that artist. I love all the little kiddos on twitter loving on Joan’s music now. If Miley raises interest in it…that’s the best thing about music.

    We all discovered our faves through media unless we knew the artists we love personally.

    Who knows? Maybe Miley will truly end up rocking in a classic way and bring it back!

    At 17 she has a lot of years as an artist to get out there.

    If Joan can make Gina Gershon and Kristen into rockers, who knows?

    And any Jetthead is a good Jetthead!

  4. oh man i want to cry, i don’t like Miley so i see this as a act of disrescpet because its just feels wrong in so many ways when its not Joan our anyone else from The Runaways thats is Rocking those song.

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