1978 Joan Jett interview with Rodney Bingenheimer

Thanks to @jettrocker for posting this on the Sinner’s message board! The interview is from 1978 on KROQ (Rodney on the ROQ).

I can’t get over how cute Joanie sounds. 🙂

Play or download the mp3 HERE.

6 thoughts on “1978 Joan Jett interview with Rodney Bingenheimer

  1. We need to throw a party for Jettrocker/Mikey for all this old stuff. SO funny and nostalgic. I can remember being able to call into to stations in Texas in the early 80s and goof around with the DJs like that. Now, it’s all on some sort of revolving, slick, corporate level.

    You could shoot the stuff with a DJ on a rainy Friday night for an hour, talking about local weird stuff. In Beaumont, we had this rap/rock song called “Big Cockroach” for instance…and the DJs would make you talk on air in order to get things like that played.

    That takes me back!

  2. Very cool.

    Sort of on/off topic.
    A biographic movie called “The Mayor of Sunset Strip” about Rodneys life is a ‘Must SEE” for any rock fan.
    It will not only bring a tear to your eye and make you angry at the industry in general, there are a few Kim Fowley moments that will make you sick.

    Take care, Lm in FL

  3. That for the comments and I’m glad y’all enjoy this stuff, it the reason we’re all here, right? A LOT of these interviews were of such bad quality and source material, you couldn’t even hear what was being said, but with the wonderful technology we have, I’m able to take those old cassettes and “master” them. They’re out of pitch, so I have to slow them down or speed up (via software) and remove all noise.. (whew, that’s quite a process) and them volume normalization and mazimization and if I am lucky and have something to work with, I can do fun stuff like stereo and multichannel stuff. The Runaways show from Cleveland didn’t sound NEARLY as good as it does now. Anyway, glad you like! It’;s all about sharing, so I’ll continue to put audio and video up and y’all continue to love it, ok? jjelektric can ALWAYS link to my stuff and I might start linking directly from here…Actually, Blackheart may start getting fidgety, so that’s probably a good idea!


    P.S. I’ll take you up on that party!

  4. Good for Joanie for being the only member of the band to make it to the interview. That’s probably typical. Even back then she was so professional, really.

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