Preorder “The Runaways” on DVD and Blu-ray!

Sony will release The Runaways on DVD and Blu-ray!

The date is tentatively set for July 20th. I’ll keep you posted if the date changes.

Thanks to and various Twitter peeps.

10 thoughts on “Preorder “The Runaways” on DVD and Blu-ray!

  1. Here’s to hoping for extras. Even if not, it will be good fodder for my collection(I am a DVD nut and have over 500).

    Thanks for the update! Where would we be without B2BJH?

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  3. I think im gonna quit to watch the movie at the cinema, the release date for argentina was for today 5/20/10 and now it’s been changed to november 11th .. ( i dont wanna be gross but it’s a fucki* sh*¨)
    so i’ll have to see it on dvd .. T_T

    i just wanna cry

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