Friday earnings estimates for “The Runaways”

Box Office Mojo reported that The Runaways pulled in around $300,000 dollars on Friday, putting it in 17th place for the day. (Via kstewartfans.)

But keep in mind that The Runaways only opened in 10 US cities, on 244 screens. When you look at the per screen average, The Runaways earned an average of $1,230 per screen, which puts it at number five. (Via Gossip Cop and @larry411.)

Not bad for the first day of a limited-release film about girls, huh?

Here’s Robert Pattinson talking about The Runaways on the red carpet during the London premiere of Remember Me this week. He likes it! 😀 Runaways talk starts at 0:25.

Remember Me is awesome, by the way. I highly recommend it. I’ve seen it twice and I think the story is told beautifully. I like Rob because I think he’s an amazing actor, not because I think his weiner sparkles in the sunlight. Go see Remember Me. Now.


PLEASE NOTE: I won’t be able to see The Runaways until April 9th, so PLEASE DO NOT post a review of the movie anywhere in my comments. I don’t want any hints, I don’t want to know your favorite scenes, or the songs in the film, or ANYTHING. Thank you for your consideration.

5 thoughts on “Friday earnings estimates for “The Runaways”

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  2. I went to see a midnight showing here in NYC and there were about 30 people in there. Majority were fans of either, Joan, Lita, and/or the Runaways.

  3. i’m reading Cheri’s book…and I find it very disturbing and sad. Some of the passages brought tears to my eyes, and I don’t cry easy. I read Joan’s book and that was very uplifing, especially the Kenny Laguna parts. I love Carianne Laguna’s quote regarding her college essay. My daughter and I laughed out loud it was so cute and funny. I’m amazed at how down to earth the Laguna’s are about all this, and Joan as well. Getting back to Cheri’s book and the Runaways story… Different points of view, for sure. I wish the other members of The Runaways would offer their memories and experiences. I will see the movie when it comes around here…all in due time. I am truly sorry for how they all suffered. I hope the good parts out weighed the bad and the ultimate end was excellent. I LOVE music..although now after reading the book, the music makes me sad…so I send love and energy to all The Runaways and to Joan Jett…and I send them peace. I am so looking forward to seeing Joan and Cheri perform together this summer in Cosa Mesa..that will be very special to me..I just hope I don’t cry…fortunately my seats are far enough away so they will not notice…lol.

    on an unrelated note: CONGRATULATIONS on your NEW JOB!! Wishing you all the best of success!!

    • I read the 1989 teen version when I was in college, and even that version broke my heart. I can only imagine what the new one will do to me. I bought it last night. I hope to start reading it soon.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. well.Cheri’s book is definately a worthwhile read. I’m reading is slowly so i can digest all of what she writes. but there are parts that are very very difficult. i did not read her first edition so i can’t help with a comparison. the book ends on a hopeful note and we see that she is doing well by all accounts in the present. i would say this is a survivor’s story. and from that vantage point take heart. she has tremendous strength and the fact that she has over come so much is inspiring. i’m almost to the end of the book. today i was sitting with my big cat and a pot of tea reading the worst parts. having the cat there and sitting in a very peaceful place helped.

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