Gibson launches the Joan Jett “Blackheart” Melody Maker

Jettheads first noticed Joan playing a black Melody Maker guitar at the January 23, 2010 show in Park City, Utah. None of us had ever seen it before, and we speculated that maybe Gibson was going to make a new Joan Jett signature-series Melody Maker in black to go with the worn white one they introduced in 2008. We were right!

Gibson has finally announced the release of the Joan Jett Blackheart Melody Maker, and it looks fierce!

See more great pics at talks about the announcement HERE, and says that the guitar will be available in select stores on March 19th to coincide with The Runaways movie release:

Says Joan, “I needed a black guitar. This guitar has the same body and the neck runs smooth as silk.“ I wanted some flash of color, so the fret inlays are bright red, and the 12th fret is marked by mother of pearl inlay hearts lying end to end. I am using it onstage now, and it sounds ferocious. But of course, she can play gentle as well. Just like the earlier white Joan Jett Gibson model, it is a great guitar for anybody.”

The original white Joan Jett Melody Maker was back-ordered almost from the word “go”, and it originally retailed for somewhere around $850.00. The ebony model will retail for $1,533.00. I have a feeling that the ebony guitar will be even more popular, despite its heftier price tag.

My dear, creative readers: Can someone with Photoshop skills make me a yin/yang symbol out of these black and white guitars? That would make a fantastic graphic, if it’s even possible. Email if you’re interested. I can’t pay you or anything, but I will pimp your art on this site and I will be grateful forever. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Gibson launches the Joan Jett “Blackheart” Melody Maker

  1. Guitar Center is selling them for about 770.00. If you went in with cash, you could probably get one for 550.00.
    The one I saw her play with recently was the black one and had a big black, heart decal( go figure !) on the pickguard. She wanted to play some of the set with the old white one but it wouldnt cooperate so she made jokes about how well airlines treat guitars and amps while a roadie retuned the new black Melody Monster. The Melody is a classic shape for sure. I had one in the 80’s as a bedroom & travel guitar. It was junk….ha ha ha . Joans is very reworked as the standard pickups and tuners just werent up to anything other than beginner level stuff back then. But if you put good hardware on the light mahogany body, its a real easy to play, cool guitar !

    • @Lemmy Loud – GC is selling the Ebony one for $770 or the off white one? I see on the GC web site that the off white one is for $740 and when I went to GC the other day the Ebony one wasn’t in stock yet?

      • I apologize TJB, I thought the Ebony one was available all the time. I misunderstood some stuff I read on another guitar forum.
        I was in Guitar Center in West Palm last night, if I saw this reply yesterday, I would have asked the salesman when they expected the blackie in.
        The thing I like (from pictures) is the black one is glossy. I dont think Gibson should have faked a ‘worn’ finish on the white one because it looks like a bad stripe job from a few feet away. Its not how a guitar would be worn naturally.
        Again, sorry for bad info. ME dum !! IF you do decide to get one, I still say try to barter a little with the Salesman. Guitar Center will usually deal after the obligatory ” I need to OK it with my manager” stuff…..

        Take care,
        L in FL

        • No sweat – I found out from my GC guy that he can get the black one from Gibson direct for $920, instead of the suggested retail price of $1533.

          I prefer the black one because it has the red hearts on them. To me it’s a bit of Janis in there even if that wasn’t the intent.

          Will probably get the one white as well, but once the prices drops some more.

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