Joan Jett Greatest Hits available TODAY! Website launched

The new website for Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Greatest Hits is:

You can listen to each song and read the stories behind their creation, some of which may surprise even long-time Jettheads. Here are a few things I never knew:

Joan wrote “Love is Pain” while she was in The Runaways. The original had different lyrics for the chorus, with a similar sentiment, however, the song was originally called, “One of Them.” Joan rewrote the song once she began working with Kenny, and together they wrote the lyrics, “We are not ashamed, to say that love is pain.” The track appeared on 1981’s, “I Love Rock n Roll.”

“You Don’t Know What You Got” was the first song Joan and Kenny wrote together. Kenny “fell in love” when Joan sang the “oh baby.” This began the 30 year collaboration as songwriting partners and Kenny at the production helm. Joan’s usually performs songs before going into the studio and recording, so most almost every song contains a stage ending. This song is one of only a couple of songs with a fade-out ending in the whole 30 years.

And if you ever wanted to know why Joan doesn’t speak French correctly in “The French Song”, that story is in there too, along with many others. 🙂 (Hey Blackheart, a trivia contest would be an awesome way to promote this CD. Just sayin’.)

The site is loaded with videos and pictures, many of which I’ve never seen. Check it out now!

The collection is available everywhere today, March 9th. (See the links in the left-hand sidebar.) I don’t know which retail stores are selling it, so let me know where you see it!

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