Two new Joan Jett interviews

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts are performing tomorrow, March 6, at Carlin Park in Jupiter, Florida for the celebrity dog wash to benefit the Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary and Hospital, which is a no-kill shelter.

Joan spoke with and to talk about the show, her love of animals, The Runaways movie, and working with Kristen Stewart. They both contain some memorable quotes:

From City Link:

How did you prep Kristen Stewart to play you in The Runaways?
We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, so I think she did some of it on her own. I gave her some CDs to listen to of the Runaways original music. I spoke to her for several hours about how I felt about the Runaways, what it meant to me. I gave her details I probably wouldn’t tell most people. And then, she spent a lot of time just observing me while we were physically together. She watched my posture and the way I move through space and she sort of assimilated all that into her.

What do you think of the film?
I think it definitely gives you a sense of what we went through, what it was like to be in a band at that time — certainly an all-girl band and what we were doing. The actors did a really great job and I’m excited to introduce the Runaways to a lot of people that probably don’t know much about it.

Are you working on any new material?
I’m always trying to write new songs and I’m finishing a couple right now. We have a greatest-hits CD coming out March 9. I’m really excited about that. I selected the songs that will be on that.

You walked as a model in one of Cynthia Steffe’s runway shows. Is modeling something you might try again?
I think it was the year Cynthia based her line on my look. I was actually bald that year, so it was really interesting. I think I was wearing a dress and a hat and all the models were wearing hats. It was different and it was interesting, but not really the most comfortable situation for me to be in. I don’t know that I’d really love to do it — I’m not really a model type. I’m not tall enough to make the clothes look the way they’re supposed to.”

Read more HERE.

From pbpulse:

“I’ve washed several dogs in my life,” reports rock icon, vegan, animal lover, soon-to-be movie subject and Dog Wash headliner Joan Jett, who will appear with her band The Blackhearts at Saturday’s benefit at Carlin Park. “I tried to wash my cat the other day, and it didn’t work too well. She wasn’t having it.”

Jett, who grew up surrounded with pets and goes out of her way to support animal organizations, says she’s impressed with what she’s learned about Safe Harbor, including its policy of not rejecting pit bulls, who are not accepted at other shelters.

“That’s really important. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many lovely pit bulls who are just the sweetest dogs. I know a lot of them have had a dangerous label attached to them, and I realize that people can train them to be, but they can be very loving dogs,” she says. “Many people have watched The Dog Whisperer and know how he turns them around, and that it’s possible with lots of love and understanding for them to have a good life.”

And if people truly love animals, their quality of life will be as important as how cute they are, Jett says.

“I think too many people today think of animals as a nice piece of furniture, or a nice pair of shoes or something. It’s always important to remember that animals think and feel pain. I think they reason — I believe a lot of things that other people don’t about animals and their intelligence. Humans beings are a little arrogant in thinking that we know what they think and how they think. I just find it very rewarding being with them, and whatever I can do to give back, I do.”

[About The Runaways]:

“I think, overall, the movie definitely gives you a sense of what it was like at that time for us. I lived it and it was unbelievable for me. I enjoyed every minute of it, even the bad stuff, and it’s hard for me to think that any movie could ever capture that,” she says. “That said, I certainly wasn’t unhappy with it, which is saying a lot. … I take a poll in the girls’ bathroom after every screening I go to, to see what people are thinking, And people seem to like it. Of course, if (their reaction) was negative, they wouldn’t tell me.”

Read more HERE.

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One thought on “Two new Joan Jett interviews

  1. “….I take a poll in the girls’ bathroom after every screening I go to, to see what people are thinking, And people seem to like it. Of course, if (their reaction) was negative, they wouldn’t tell me.”

    Will she be in Chicago when I see it opening weekend? I wouldn’t mind seeing her in the bathroom. lol

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