UPDATE: US release date change for “The Runaways”

Larry Richman (@larry411) and comingsoon.net are now reporting that, in the United States, The Runaways will be in limited release on March 19, 2010, expanding to a wide release on April 9, 2010*.  Larry has said, via Twitter, that the movie business calls this a “platform release”. Larry also mentions the release date info on his website HERE. (If you’re on Twitter, follow this guy. He knows his stuff.)

This information is mostly being publicized on the paid-membership portions of popular movie sites, which Larry  has access to. The official Runaways movie website and regular IMDB page are not showing this information yet. But our good Jetthead friend Wasted1 found it mentioned on a Hollywood Stock Exchange board also.

You can sign up for a FanAlert at Fandango for The Runaways HERE. Fandango will email you when tickets for The Runaways go on sale in your area.

*FYI: April 9th is Kristen Stewart’s birthday. 🙂

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: US release date change for “The Runaways”

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  2. that’s pretty sad,, teheheh kristen’s b-day

    i wonder when the movie will come out to latin america
    we don’t have a date .. i havent seen it

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