Runaways Mercury Albums Anthology for presale at Hip-O-Select; includes fake tattoos

The Hip-O-Select website has The Runaways’ The Mercury Albums Anthology for presale, and the package includes four Runaways temporary tattoos! And, at $29.98, buying it directly from Hip-O-Select is cheaper than both Amazon and CD Universe. Amazon and CD Universe don’t mention the tattoos, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t included.

Here’s a snippet of the write-up from Hip-O-Select:

Theirs was a story truly born on the streets of Hollywood and left for all to review in the annals of recorded music. The history of the Runaways, now coming to life again on the big screen (with Kristen Stewart in the role of Joan Jett), is one of discovery, strong determination, bravado, teen lust and what would later become, to some, “a can of worms.”

But what we have to reflect back on are four albums: The Runaways, Queens of Noise, Live in Japan, and Waitin’ For the Night. All 42 songs that were included on those original albums made for Mercury are contained on two CDs and available now from Hip-O Select.

Thanks to Wasted1 on the message board for the tip!

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