Eric Rosenberg: Graphic Designer for “The Runaways”

I guess Valentine’s Day is the new Christmas! Who knew?

Eric Rosenberg was the graphic designer for The Runaways film, and he published pictures of some of the books, magazines, and posters that he created for the film on his website. They are recreations of publications that the original Runaways appeared in back in the ’70s. The Dakota Fanning pictures are recreations of the Cherie-centric Japanese tour book that caused one of the first real rifts in the band.

See them all HERE. There are 6 pages total. Click on each one to advance to the next page. Don’t forget to read the captions. Cool stuff.

Here’s Eric’s rendition of The Runaways’ October 1976 Crawdaddy cover, alongside the original (Source). Notice the differences. 🙂

Dude, you forgot the comma after "Power Chords". 🙂

There’s a recent interview with Eric at The Design Observer HERE. And here is his very impressive IMDB resume. Here’s a small snippet of the interview–this stuff sounds fascinating:

Alex Knowlton:

Just to clarify, you don’t do titles but you seem to design everything between, correct?

Eric Rosenberg:
On most projects I’ll be hired to design all the prominent scripted items requiring graphic design. “Scripted” being very important, because when the staffing for a film’s Art Dept. is budgeted, it’s not a given that there will be a graphic designer hired. Graphics may often be overlooked or misunderstood by the producers when budgeting. The workload needs to be presented to them clearly in list form so that funding for a determined number of weeks or months will be allocated. Most of the time the film’s art director will have done this before I’m hired, but it’s happened that my own breakdown of a project’s graphic needs has secured me the job, most recently on The Runaways which was a low budget production.

Usually I’m hired to design logos, signs, props and set decoration items, as well as the occasional piece for the costume designer. There are also many non-scripted items which crop up during filming, such as wallpaper and carpet designs or faux finishes like the marble flooring I’ve just done this week. Very often I’ll do photo composites of the film’s actors with notable public figures or put them in a particular setting called for by the script for set decoration or prop use. On occasion I do pre-visualization work in Photoshop, which I really enjoy, but illustrators generally get most of that work. The area of graphics I’m least likely to work in are those done for video playback purposes. Things like web page designs, TV news graphics or other custom computer screen interfaces are farmed out more often than not.

Thanks to @kstewartnews for the info!

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