Preorder The Runaways Mercury Albums Anthology

The Runaways: The  Mercury Albums Anthology, from Hip-O-Select, comes out on March 16th, but you can now preorder it at Amazon HERE or CD Universe HERE.

It’s a two-disc set, and CD Universe has the track listing — this is going to be AWESOME:

Mercury Albums Anthology CD DISC 1:

  1. Cherry Bomb
  2. You Drive Me Wild
  3. Is It Day or Night?
  4. Thunder
  5. Rock & Roll
  6. Lovers
  7. American Nights
  8. Blackmail
  9. Secrets
  10. Dead End Justice
  11. Queens of Noise [Live]
  12. California Paradise [Live]
  13. All Right You Guys [Live]
  14. Wild Thing [Live]
  15. Gettin’ Hot [Live]
  16. Rock N Roll [Live]
  17. You Drive Me Wild [Live] [Live]
  18. Neon Angels On the Road To Ruin [Live]
  19. I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are [Live]
  20. Cherry Bomb [Live]
  21. American Nights [Live]
  22. C’Mon [Live]

Mercury Albums Anthology Songs DISC 2:

  1. Queens of Noise
  2. Take It or Leave It
  3. Midnight Music
  4. Born To Be Bad
  5. Neon Angels On the Road To Ruin
  6. I Love Playin’ With Fire
  7. California Paradise
  8. Hollywood
  9. Heartbeat
  10. Johnny Guitar
  11. Little Sister
  12. Wasted
  13. Gotta Get Out Tonight
  14. Wait For Me
  15. Fantasies
  16. School Days
  17. Trash Can Murders
  18. Don’t Go Away
  19. Waitin’ For the Night
  20. You’re Too Possessive

Runaways fans can not afford to pass this up!

2 thoughts on “Preorder The Runaways Mercury Albums Anthology

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  2. I just preordered mine today…and yesterday I preordered the Greatest Hits cd…March is going to be a GREAT month!!! I am so happy to have all this new music and the these great books coming..something nice to look forward to!!

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