EXCLUSIVE: Bluewater Productions will publish a full-length Runaways/Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic in 2010

UPDATE 08/24/2010: Click HERE for the latest news on this comic.

A few days ago, I reported on the Joan Jett events and merchandise coming in March, and I told you about the Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic that will be published in Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics Volume 1: Hard Rock Heroes on March 1:

March 1st:

  • Release of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics Volume 1: Hard Rock Heroes. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics series was published in the 1990’s and is now being republished by Bluewater Productions as a series of graphic novels. Volume 1 contains the Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic. These comics were unauthorized biographies, so take it with a grain of salt. But they are still cool to have. You can pre-order Volume 1 at Amazon HERE. The Runaways will make an appearance in Volume 9, SMASH! A Punk/Alternative Retrospective. Read more about each volume HERE. (FYI to Twilight fans: Bluewater Productions also publishes the Female Force comics; you may have seen the one they did on Stephenie Meyer.)

Jay Allen Sanford from Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics reached out to me after seeing that post to give us the exclusive scoop on Bluewater Productions’ upcoming full-length comic dedicated to The Runaways, Joan Jett, and Lita Ford. This news comes to us weeks before Bluewater makes the official public announcement!

I WISH I was being paid to tell you this, but I’m not.

Follow the jump to see a sneak peek of the art and more.

Here’s the cover art. You can also see it on the Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics MySpace page.


JAS told me via MySpace that the Joan/Lita comic in the Hard Rock Heroes graphic novel is really just a 4-page teaser comic, so if you were planning on buying Hard Rock Heroes just for the Joan/Lita stuff, you might want to wait for the full-length comic instead. I plan on buying Hard Rock Heroes anyway because it will feature other bands I love, including the previously unpublished RnR Comics #8 on Skid Row.

The full-length comic will be 32 pages, and will be equally split among The Runaways, Joan, and Lita, with roughly 10 pages devoted to each. Bluewater hasn’t confirmed the exact release date yet, but as soon as they do I’ll let you know. From the catalog info:

Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics presents the Runaways, the ‘70s jailbait rockers whose story is wild and crazy enough to merit both a feature film starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning and an even more revealing no-punches-pulled comic book bio! Three complete full-color stories chronicle the rise and fall of the Runaways themselves, as well as going far beyond the bio-pic to also cover the solo careers of band stars Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

Scripted by rock ‘n’ roll historian Spike Steffenhagen (Kiss: Comic From the Elder) and San Diego Reader columnist Jay Allen Sanford, this lovingly illustrated edition features art by Joe Paradise (Overheard in San Diego) and Larry Nadolsky (Deposit Man). Unauthorized and proud of it!

JAS was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at the story art, with four still-uncolored pages. They are still in the fact-checking stage, and I have already informed JAS that Joan was not born in Rockville, Maryland, so don’t beat him up. 🙂





JAS has a Facebook page too. Show him some love HERE. 😀

8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Bluewater Productions will publish a full-length Runaways/Joan Jett/Lita Ford comic in 2010

  1. lol the first thing i focused on was the very very big boobs xD
    i cant concentrated anymore xD sorry

    I never had a comic like this.. the drawings are weird.. but it’s a good job . i want to know if joan see them.. hahaha! it’s funny

  2. Is this a reissue of the comic published in the early to mid 90’s? It’s been years since i looked at my Joan/Lita comic book but it looks like the same drawings.. I’ll have to dig it out of storage here soon.

    • ok I’m back.. this does indeed look the the same comic book that was published in 93. diffrent cover. the comic is in three sections. The runaways, Joan, Lita for a total of about 32 pages. The art work changes in each section with the Joan and Lita sections being more realistic looking.. however the comic book joan looks like Joan from good music even when the story takes place in late 70’s early 80’s. I haven’t read it in years but i belive it to be very inacurate. I also found in storage a Lita ford comic book by her self which i forgot all about.

      Any questions you have about it and i’ll be happy to awnser


      • Yes, all the old Rock ‘n’ Roll comics are being republished in graphic novel format. They decided to do a special issue with Joan, Lita, and The Runaways to capitalize on The Runaways movie. I think they are going to redo some things in some of the comics, but I’m not sure if they are doing anything different with The Runaways stuff. I know that JAS said he was going to fix the whole “Joan being born in Rockville, MD” thing, so maybe they’ll fix other details too. I hope so, anyway. If it sucks too bad, I’ll tell people not to buy it. That’s cool that you have the original so we can compare! I’ve never seen it.

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