The Blackhearts’ Greatest Hits coming March 9th





We’ve been hearing rumblings about a monster JJBH greatest-hits package since 2008. (Source) The Runaways’ website announced this week that it would be released this March, no doubt to coincide with the release of The Runaways movie on March 19th.

Thanks to an interview Joan did with, we now know the official release date is March 9th, 2010, and that the packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.  Read it HERE.

Despite what the graphic says, this isn’t the first greatest hits package that the Blackhearts have ever done. Although, depending on what is included, it may be the first definitive one. (Whatever THAT means.)

The full official contents of the new collection haven’t been announced yet, but we’ve been told previously that it will include DVD content and two new tracks.

Here are the other ‘greatest hits’ collections that Blackheart has released over the years. The track listing of the new package, aside from the new tracks, is likely to be similar to these:

As for video, experienced Jettheads will remember The Jett Age (1992), The Jett Age II (1995), and The Real Wild Child Video Anthology (2003), all of which are out of print. All are collections of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts music videos, and The Jett Age also included rare interview footage. I would love to see any or all of this re-released on DVD at some point. The Jett Age interviews are responsible for my favorite Joan Jett quote of all-time. When asked to describe what her song “Don’t Surrender” is about, she says:

When all the chips are down, and everyone is against you, you gotta keep fighting. Because you really have nothing if you just give up.

Yeah, I used that as my senior quote in high school. I may have gotten a few words wrong, because I haven’t watched that VHS tape in about 10 years, but I know I got the gist right. Pretty cool, huh? 😀

But no matter what this new collection includes, I think new fans will get a huge kick out of it. March 2010 is going to be a great month!

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