More interviews about “The Runaways” at Sundance

I have decided to not read any reviews of the film until after I see the movie. I don’t need the spoilers or the opinions of so-called “journalists”. All I need is my rock and roll. If you want to read the articles and reviews, check them out at the Joan Jett Fanclub website (, Kristen Stewart Fans, or any of the wonderful people I mentioned in my “Jetthead’s Guide to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival” post. They will all take good care of you.

The folks at the Kristen Stewart Fans site have summarized Day 1 and Day 2 of the festival HERE (day 1), HERE (day 2 part 1), and HERE (day 2 part 2).

I’ll continue to post video or audio interviews, especially any of Joan. Here are some more:

Source via @KStewDevotee


Source via Source

THIS would annoy me. I don’t know how these celebrities put up with this. I hate having my picture taken and I hate being yelled at:

Source via Source

Source via Source


Here’s an audio interview with Kristen and Dakota from This is the one where Kristen says that Joan told her “Pussy to the wood! Fuck your guitar!” She even says it in Joan’s voice! 😀 Listen to it HERE (via Kristen Stewart Fans).

Kristen, Dakota, Cherie, and Joan participated in a Q&A also. Sundance didn’t let anyone film it, but there are short (illegal) videos of it on YouTube. I’m not going to post them because the quality is terrible and you can’t hear what they’re saying anyway. Sooner or later someone will post the audio or video somewhere official. I’ll share it with you when they do.

Today is the second screening of The Runaways in Utah, and the last one will be on Saturday. Thursday is the Wisconsin screening.

4 thoughts on “More interviews about “The Runaways” at Sundance

  1. Joan looks amazing, *drools* as usual. Thanks for finding all of this. I guess I am not good with searches online, I looked all day and night and couldn’t find much.

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