“The Runaways” Canadian Premiere Set for March 19th

The Hollywood Reporter and Indie Wire are reporting that E1 Entertainment has picked up distribution for The Runaways in Canada. The premiere is set for March 19th, same as in the US. Read about it HERE and HERE.

IMDB says that distribution has also been set for Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina. Of the three, only Argentina has a release date listed: April 22nd. @larry411 has heard of Norway and other places releasing the movie, which he tweeted a while back, but I can’t find any news reports about these releases anywhere on the Internet.

Screendaily.com reported back in December that Aurum has acquired the distribution rights in Spain, but no release date was announced. That info hasn’t been added to IMDB, which doesn’t mean much. IMDB isn’t always reliable.

Have you heard about The Runaways being released in your country? Post the link to the announcement below.

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