The Jetthead’s Guide to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival

…Or, Stewdance, as my online KStew friends are calling it, because Kristen Stewart has two films at the festival, Welcome to the Rileys, and, of course, The Runaways.

The Sundance Film Festival starts TODAY, people! At 4 PM Eastern, the kick-off press conference will stream live HERE. Here is a general Sundance schedule, put together by our friends at @kstewartnews. The known Kristen Stewart and Joan Jett events are highlighted. We don’t have any confirmations for Dakota Fanning at this time. (WTTR = Welcome to the Rileys):

Thursday January 21st

*Opening Night Party 10:00pm MTN, Midnight EST

Friday January 22nd
*Hope for Haiti Telethon 8:00pm EST (NOTE: I don’t think that Joan or Kristen is involved in this directly. I’ll let you know if I hear anything different.)

*Gala Screening 6:30pm & 9:30pm MTN 8:30pm & 11:30pm

Saturday January 23rd
*Welcome to The Rileys Premiere 2:15 MTN 4:15 EST

*Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Concert 10:00pm MTN Midnight EST

Sunday January 24th
*2nd Screening of WttR 8:30am MTN 10:30am EST

*Brunch Skintimate Screening Series honoring women in film. Co hosted By Kristen.

*The Runways Premiere 6:30pm MTN 8:30pm EST

*Variety’s 10 Directors to Watch Party 6:30-9:30pm MTN 8:30-11:30pm EST

*GoldBar’s Funday Party at Sky Lodge
Kristen is on the guest list

Monday 25th
*2nd Screening of The Runaways 8:30am MTN 10:30am EST

*3rd WTTR screening 6:00pm MTN 8:00pm EST

Tuesday January 26TH
*4th WTTR screening 3:15pm MTN 5:15pm EST

Thursday January 28th

*The Runaways screening in Wisconsin

Saturday January 30th
*Final WTTR screening 11:30am MTN 1:30pm EST

*Last screening Runaways 9:00pm MTN 11:00pm EST

*Awards Ceremony TBA

*Awards Party 9:30pm MTN 11:30pm EST


This weekend is going to be insane, but unfortunately, I am going to be MIA for most of it. Today is my husband’s birthday, and this is his birthday weekend. (I know, right? Who  has a birthday during Stewdance, for crying out loud?) So, for me, this weekend will involve cleaning, shaving my legs, and a Rush tribute band, instead of blogging about my other true love, Joan Jett.

But I wouldn’t leave you high and dry during such an exciting event. Below is a list of people and websites who will have all the cool deets as they unfold. (I steal all my stuff from them anyway.) All of them support Joan and The Runaways and are excited for the movie. I’ll do a roundup post next week with the highlights. I’ll also add the Harry O’s show details to the concert archive.

1. @larry411.  Larry Richman is an independent film EXPERT who is attending the festival AND the Joan Jett show at Harry O’s on Saturday. He will be tweeting about it all weekend, and is VERY excited about The Runaways. He doesn’t believe in spoilers, so you won’t have to worry about him giving out too much information.

2. @kstewartnews. Three people are covering Sundance for their followers and will have good information.

3. @kstewadmirer and @kstewfangirl run the Kristen Stewart Online website.

4. @KStewDevotee is one of the people who run a VERY funny Kristen Stewart blog, According To My Sources.

5. @sundancefest: The official twitter of the Sundance Film Festival

6. @HarryOsLive: The official twitter for Harry O’s, where Joan is playing on Saturday.

7. The Official Joan Jett message board: Home base for Jettheads. It’s the most popular place for Jettheads to share information with each other. The “Naked” forum is for general Joan Jett discussions. (It’s named after a song, which, unfortunately, isn’t as dirty as it sounds. :D)

Are there any other sites I should mention? Post them in the comments below.

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