Joan Jett Barbie Boob Comparison (NC-17)

OK, this isn’t really “porn”, but if you’re at all sensitive about looking at topless dolls, LOOK AWAY NOW!! You have been warned.

Earlier this week, I showed how the Joan Jett Barbie doll differs from its promotional pictures. I couldn’t show you how it compares to regular Barbies, because I don’t have any.

Thankfully, my Jetthead friend Christy has a daughter who loves Barbies. Christy was kind enough to take pictures of her Joan doll next to one of her daughter’s dolls to compare them. We don’t know what version of Barbie this is, but Christy’s daughter is eight, so this doll is between one and five years old. Here’s Christy’s impressions after seeing the dolls side-by-side:

In looking at the regular Barbie doll figure and Joan’s Barbie doll figure they are different.  The tata’s are the same size…just shaped differently.  And they actually made her skinnier than the regular Barbie.  You can see rib definition.  Her waist is teeny tiny.  Her hips are smaller too.  And she may be a little taller.  Not sure if that is accurate though because the regular Barbie has no shoes.

Here are the pics… Last chance to look away.







Regular Barbie on the left, Joan Jett Barbie on the right.

So, now you can see that the Joan Jett Barbie has regular stripper Barbie boobs. Once again, I don’t hate big boobs (unless I’ve been in an underwire bra for more than 12 hours), and I have nothing against regular Barbie’s boobs. This isn’t some feminist rant against doll tits. I just expected the Joan Jett Barbie to be different. We all did.

Now that you’ve seen the pictures, what do you think?

I know one person that LOVES the Joan Jett Barbie:

"My dearest Joanie. So pale, so perfect."

"You ARE my life now."

Teehee. 😀

27 thoughts on “Joan Jett Barbie Boob Comparison (NC-17)

  1. Oh JJ…you are soooo hilarious!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Pocket Edward hitting on Joan is pure comedy….good thing Bella isn’t here! Oh…have you seen on the side of MySpace or Facebook or somewhere they are asking “Are you team Edward, team Jacob, or team Bella?” Now…who started team Bella?! That’s right! Our Joanie did!!!!! Woot woot!!!! And….I have one more thing to add about this Joan Barbie issue…if Mattel went to all the trouble of making a different doll body for the Joan Jett Barbie…why couldn’t they have honored her request and made her chest smaller? I mean really…it’s not too much to ask. I too have nothing against larger breasts…although I wish mine were smaller….but I do have something against being dishonest! Ok…maybe I need to let this issue rest now. Maybe….hahahaha Very good job JJ 🙂

  2. Too funny! And I do feel little bit dirty! LOL Did she really request that the breasts be smaller? That’s so awesome. Love your site!

  3. god choice edward! he leaves bella for joan lol ! teheheh you re my life now that was so f* hilarious. xD
    i still having my barbies ,i have 3 but that barbie looks different.. idk .
    good post d.

    “My dearest Joanie. So pale, so perfect.” omy gosh!!

    @Christy although I too have nothing against larger breasts…although I wish mine were smalleI wish mine were smaller – Hey i wish the same too.. they re umcomfortable sometimes lol

  4. Omg I love you lol omg ‘you are my life now’ lol ‘so pale, so perfect’ hehe.

    Okay, yeah so the boobs do not look smaller then the normal Barbie to me at all. The Joan doll’s are just less…..pointy. It looks a lot like Joan compared to the BARBIE version…but still not winning for me. But it won’t matter much to young girls so *shrugs* what can you do…oh yeah lol complain like mad hell to Mattel. Hopefully it grows on those of you who bought it at least.

  5. What kind of body was used for the Joan Jett doll? It looks sort of like a model muse, but I’m not sure. If not, she wouldn’t happen to be one of those barbies with her pelvic region modified to give the illusion that she’s wearing panties would she? I always thought it looked ridiculous when a barbie was made like that.

  6. FYI from a doll collector: The Joan Jett Barbie (just bought one on sale) has a Model Muse Barbie body. For better or for worse, 99% of the time, Mattel does not produce a new body for a new character, and I’m sure they didn’t for this one. (I agree that it would be nice to have a greater range, but this does make them cheaper to make, I guess?) There are about 4 female bodies in use right now: “bellybutton” (aka standard, which is probably what your friend’s daughter’s Barbie is), Model Muse (for many “collector” Barbies), Fashionista (articulated), and Pivotal (articulated and more sculpted).

    Other Barbies I have with the exact same body include Trixie (from Speed Racer) and Uhura (from the 2009 Star Trek). No conspiracy here, just standard practices for Mattel.

  7. Hey there…I haven’t been here in a while…I’m so sorry…so busy..but somehow I stumbled across it…oh…the memories hehehe…I remember taking those Barbie “porn” photos hehehehe And Lindsey…thank you for the information…I never knew. But of course you are right…they wouldn’t make a mold for each Barbie…

  8. WHy wasnt the Joan Jett barbies boobs pierced like the real ones? lol Fantastic site. I hadnt been on it in a while . Loved the joan eyes close up.

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