Help Haiti by listening to Joan Jett and The Runaways on Wolfgang’s Vault

Jettheads may be upset over the Joan Jett Barbie doll, but we know that’s not a real tragedy. The earthquakes in Haiti are a tragedy. The Haitians are in trouble, and I’ve found another way that music fans can help The Red Cross deliver aid to the people who need it most.

Wolfgang’s Vault is a gold mine for music fans, offering free streaming live music, concert recordings from the last 50 years, Crawdaddy! magazine, and selling music memorabilia like posters, retro t-shirts, photographs, and backstage items. This week, they are helping the Red Cross with earthquake relief aid. And although they will donate 25% of each purchase made through Wednesday, January 20th, you don’t have to buy anything to contribute. Wolfgang’s Vault will donate on your behalf just for visiting, browsing their merchandise, and listening to concerts on their site.

From the Wolfgang’s Vault Newsletter:

Wolfgang’s Vault is donating 25 percent of all purchases made through next Wednesday to the Red Cross’ Haitian Earthquake Relief efforts. We’ll also be making a donation on behalf of each visitor to the site this week, giving five cents for every hour you listen. This is a devastating situation – we encourage you to help any way you can. You can read more in this blog post, go straight to the Red Cross website to donate, or text HAITI to 90999 to have a $10 donation automatically added to your phone bill.

More from Wolfgang’s blog:

For every visitor who spends an hour at a time on Wolfgang’s Vault in the coming week, we will donate 5 cents to the same Haitian Earthquake Relief fund — applicable to up to 5 visits per person for the week. (Because this is something we haven’t tried before, we are trying with these limitations to make sure it doesn’t attract hackers and spammers.) It’s intended as a good faith plan on behalf of our friends and customers to donate as much money as possible.

The idea is that your daily routine of visiting us, browsing around the great images and stories, and listening to music in the Concert Vault, also helps the cause, with nothing more required of you. And if, by chance, you’d like us to contribute more, all you have to do is come a little more often this week, enjoy a little more music than normal.

This is our effort toward finding an immediate, effective way to help the Haitian crisis, one that makes it easy for you to join us. So if you do nothing more than your regular routine of visiting, browsing or shopping with Wolfgang’s Vault, we thank you and hope to demonstrate a small measure of our appreciation with this drive.

As this critical first week of the Haitian Crisis unfolds, we will be watching carefully, and working on additional ways to help Haiti. We encourage you, if you can, to donate directly as well, and to keep the victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Wolfgang’s Vault has great Joan Jett and Runaways stuff, including:

The audio is free, you just have to register for the site and log in to access it. I recommend signing up for the newsletter, because they are always adding new things.

They also have some Joan Jett stuff in their store, including concert posters, photographs, and a backstage pass.

This is a great way to help relief efforts just by doing what we do best: rocking out to Joan Jett. That’s a no-brainer, right?


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