“The Runaways” Teaser Trailer: Who Is Singing Lead?

[UPDATE: Cherie Currie confirmed in the comments below that Dakota Fanning is singing lead on “Cherry Bomb” by herself.]

So, who is singing lead on “Cherry Bomb” in The Runaways teaser trailer, anyway?

It never occurred to me to question it, since I know that Cherie Currie sang “Cherry Bomb” on The Runaways album in 1976 and Live in Japan in 1977. Therefore, Dakota Fanning must be singing lead, with Kristen Stewart singing backup, of course.

But fans are speculating all over the web that it could be Kristen singing lead in the trailer, and not Dakota.

Fueling this debate is a Spin.com article from last week which states:

“Yep: the revamped music of “Cherry Bomb” features lead vocals from the vampire-lover herself.” [Obviously referring to Kristen.] SOURCE

While some fans think Kristen is singing lead and others think it’s Dakota, a few are saying that Dakota sings “Hello Daddy, hello Mom,”  Kristen sings “Hello world I’m your wild girl,” and they both sing the “Cherry Bomb” parts. After listening to the trailer again, and again, this argument appears to have merit. The “Hello world” line doesn’t sound quite the same as “Hello Daddy.”

But I wasn’t convinced that it was Kristen, so I took the question to the Sinners message board and asked the Jettheads.

Here’s what we think: It sounds like Dakota Fanning and Cherie Currie’s vocals are blended together. We don’t have any official sources for this information, but based on what we know of Cherie’s voice and how the band sang “Cherry Bomb” with her, this is the most likely explanation to us. We don’t know if all of Dakota’s vocals were recorded that way, or if they just mixed the trailer like that. The close-ups of Kristen singing appear to be from a different scene because Kristen isn’t wearing the red jumpsuit, so whatever she is singing there may not be “Cherry Bomb” at all:

Kristen is wearing a big, black, shoulder-pad outfit here. Not the red jumpsuit.

The verdict: It is very difficult to determine anything from a movie’s trailer, let alone a teaser trailer. What we see and hear in the final movie will look and sound very different from this trailer. We shouldn’t sweat it. Yet.

Have no fear, KStew fans. Joan sang lead on many Runaways songs, both before and after Cherie left the band. Kristen had plenty of opportunities to sing lead in The Runaways. Hear a few after the jump.

These are just a few of my favorite Joan Jett-led Runaways songs. I can’t  claim them as my definitive “top 5,” I just picked them randomly. The first two are from The Runaways’ self-titled debut album, and the first three are all from the Cherie era of the band.

1. “You Drive Me Wild” – This is the first song that Joan Jett ever wrote. This is the 1977 Live in Japan version, which is the best one, in my opinion. And the pictures in this video are amazing. (Too bad the ending guitar part is cut off.)


2. “Blackmail”


3. “Take It Or Leave It,” from the 1977 Queens of Noise album.


These next two are from my favorite post-Cherie album, Waiting for the Night.

4. “Waitin’ For The Night” – The ultimate Runaways slow-jam. Lita Ford’s guitar solo is AMAZING. I can’t find this on YouTube, or anywhere else, so I’ve linked to lala.com. You should get one free full-length play each. Repeated clicks will give you a 30-second snippet.


5. “Don’t Go Away” – This one isn’t on YouTube either, by itself anyway, so here it is on last.fm and lala:




Which ones are YOU looking forward to hearing Kristen sing? Which ones did I miss?

14 thoughts on ““The Runaways” Teaser Trailer: Who Is Singing Lead?

  1. as my good ears could get it right, kristen i think took on the second, with the ¨hello world¨, even without looking at the trailer, which btw, kristen is singing a different song. since this is only the trailer, they could have had put it that way, but in the movie, it could be dakota whose taking the whole song, like cherie did, while joan and the other girls did the back up. joan did her own version of the song, after cherie left the band.

  2. I think you’re right about the teaser. Can’t wait for the movie!!
    Also, it would be amazing hearing Kristen sing “You Drive Me Wild”. Not my favorite (it’s hard to choose a favorite though), but it`s a great song.

    • now that i get to hear it directly from Cherie C herself(WOW), thanks! my ears clearly deceived me 🙂 i believe dakota will do justice playing the part, and very much anticipating to see the film (though i live in europe).

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  4. Hey Jett! Love the site. Been fortunate to see JJ&Blackhearts a few times. Brothers were HUGE Runaways fans! Anyway, I’ve heard Kristen sings “I Love Playin with Fire” in the film and that (along with Saturday Night Special) are two of my fav Runaways songs. Peace! HEY CHERIE! Thanks for the confirmation. Was wondering myself!

    • Hi Alice. Thanks for visiting the site. Glad you like it! I heard about “I Love Playin with Fire” too. I don’t really want to know which songs are in the movie though. I want to be completely surprised.

      • JJ: Sorry if I gave anything away. I promise to not do that again! I just get so excited about this movie (and others LOL). Take care!

        • Oh, no worries. I already knew about I Love Playin’ with Fire. I just don’t want to know the rest. I have a list of songs that I would love to hear in the movie, and if any of them got left out I’d be disappointed, which is not the emotion I want to have going in to see the movie, you know? Plus, I want that reaction you get in the pit of your stomach when you hear the opening notes of your favorite song and you recognize it. It’s euphoric. 😀

    • You’re welcome. I would hate to misrepresent you, Joan, or anyone. I see the media do that to people so often, and it bothers me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

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