Cherie Currie Confirms: It’s Dakota Singing “Cherry Bomb”

(My hands are shaking as I type this.)

Cherie Currie herself confirmed that Dakota Fanning is singing “Cherry Bomb” by herself in The Runaways trailer.

She left a comment on my last post, which I confirmed via email before I posted it.

It is Dakota singing the lead on Cherry Bomb. I was there, and Kristen and Dakota both sang the chorus. They did a GREAT job!
Love to all!
Cherie Currie

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6 thoughts on “Cherie Currie Confirms: It’s Dakota Singing “Cherry Bomb”

    • Because Cherie’s email address is public to everyone on her website. The person making the comment used the same email address, so I simply emailed Cherie at that address and asked her if she had sent the comment. She said that yes, she had. Only then did I approve the comment and publish it. I am very lucky that I had a means to confirm it, otherwise I would have deleted the comment before anyone had seen it. I don’t peddle bullshit.

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like other things on the blog, but if you don’t, that’s OK too. Enjoy your weekend!

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